Good to know

* In order to provide peace and quiet to our guests, we ask that you do not listen to music outside or otherwise disturb our other guests with your activies .
* Knowing your exact timeperiod of arriving would be fantastic, but not obligatory!
Most important is, that we are confident that you are coming.
* The closest grocery store and cafeteria (Mõisa pood ja kohvik) is in 2 km, in Nõva.
* The closest supermarket is in 50 km, in Keila or Haapsalu.
* If you would like to buy a good local hand-made bread, you can buy it in Nõva tourist info cafeteria.
* It is not necessary to bring your own drinking water on the assumption that you drink water from the local borehole.
We assure that the borehole water is naturally clean and there is no chemical treatment of water.