Good to know

* We believe, that guesthouse is equiped with all neccessary.
   If anything is missing we’ll try to find solution
  * Knowing your exact timeperiod of arriving is fantastic, but  not obligatory!
    Most important is, that we are confident that you are coming.
    Knowing more is helping us be better prepared.
* Please bring all needed food and alcohol with you!  Sortiment at local village shop is pure.
   Local shop is open at working days and Saturday 10.00-17.00 o’clock and at Sunday 10.00–15.00.
   Closest supermarket is  in radius 50km, in Keila or in Haapsalu.
 * To bring drinking water with you  is not obligatory, when you accept natural,
    pure water from the local dwell.
    We do not treat water with any chemical.

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